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proparations is a metaphor or a play on words of the word “preparations.” altering the vowel “o” to “e” you get propa_rations, where “propa” is slang for “proper.”
the name isn’t set in stone as to one single definite meaning or pronunciation as it is in it’s ultimate message.

the objective of this project is to provide people with proper rations to surviving these modern day dark ages through any means that i may be able to create it. i look to provide this not only to prepare oneself for the hardships we will undoubtedly encounter if we have yet to but to also prepare oneself mentally, physically, and spiritually for the rapture and ascension.

i do not look to provide a be all cure all solution to our everyday problems but more as a first aid kit to relieve some of the pain and suffering, possible paths to real solutions, and to network/build with other people by sharing ideas, information, and art.

this blog is dedicated to all people that have passed on and to those fighting for survival in the harsh realities of today.