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Seven Star – Conscious Evolution

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A part of the elite, architect, elegant, ambitious devils with class. Christopher managed to borrow the cash, the beliefs of the queen along with the mass. Demonic thoughts in his skull like glass, sharp when lunged in a wind blast. At glance they seem to glow, low and behold truth unfolds. Proof savagery eminently awaits, […]

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Crimes Against Humanity

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Crimes Against Humanity is a hip hop instrumental track that beckons the responsible citizens of planet Earth to acknowledge the undeniable reality of corporate funded wars that the United States and other 1st world countries have been participating in for decades upon decades. The 8 minute mini mix is laced with audio clips from Iraq […]

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Peruvian Police Accused of Massacring Indigenous Protesters in Amazon Jungle

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Dozens of people are estimated to have been killed in clashes between police and indigenous activists protesting oil and mining projects in the northern Peruvian Amazonian province of Bagua. Peruvian authorities have declared a military curfew. Troops are patrolling towns in the Amazon jungle. Authorities say up to twenty-two policemen have been killed, and two […]

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