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Addressing the elephant in the room regarding Big Pharma vaccine producers!

Posted Sat, November 6, 2021 at 6:01 pm by deejay pr0pa.rations under equal rights, health, Uncategorized (No Respond)

MAKE NO MISTAKE, there is an absurd amount of publicly available data regarding the extensive criminal history of Big Pharma vaccine makers which spans decades. It’s imperative to take this information into consideration as we must make important life decisions for ourselves and our loved ones in these difficult times. At the same time, it’s absolutely ludicrous to shame or refuse the right to work, attend school, or deny basic human rights such as to purchase food or earn a living to those that acknowledge the history of these despicable, filthy rich companies and in effect, to those who refuse to take a product of any kind from them. A combined $14.9 billion in penalties and lawsuits from just 3 ‘vaccine’ makers since 2000. That’s 14.9 billion reasons why I say NO to mandates. Consider this quickly jotted down CliffsNotes shared from your classmate if you have yet to get down & do the history homework, because damn near ZERO news media outlets are presenting this information to the masses! This quick general overview will focus on three major players in North America: Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca.

Johnson & Johnson have been in business since the 1880s and are located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. They are the largest big Pharma company in the world and have racked up the highest criminal penalty totals of them all. Their violation penalty total since 2000 has been a whopping: $9,248,447,763 (you read that right, $9 billion dollars)! There is so much to unpack regarding their storied criminal story, a complete historical volume of books would be needed. Even just doing a quick internet search on their lawsuits would make your head spin on where to start. Their expansive list of crimes include countless product recalls and contamination issues, false claims in marketing, safety violations, foreign corrupt practices, government contract violations. Their most recent lawsuits are baby powder cancer cases and recalls of their sunscreen products also containing cancer causing chemicals. To get your research started, check out the following sources: Johnson & Johnson’s corporate rap sheet, Violation Tracker Summary Page, and their Drugwatch page.

Pfizer was established in 1849 and located in NYC. In Dec 2020, they were the first to receive emergency use authorization from the FDA for the COVID-19 vaccine. Their violation penally total since 2000: $4,660,896,333 (no typo there, $4 billion dollars). Their list of corporate crimes include making false statements to the U.S. Patent office, antitrust charges on price fixing, unauthorized and misleading medical claims to patients and customers, bribery to doctors and questionable payments to foreign government officials, many violations on environmental laws, human rights violations including testing of dangerous new products on unsuspecting children, worker safety crimes, and tax evasion. Read more at Pfizer’s corporate rap sheet, Violation Tracker Summary Page, and their Drugwatch page

The company Astra AB was founded in 1913 in Sweden. In 1998, Zeneca merged in Astra, forming AstraZeneca. Their crime violation penalty total since 2000: $1,182,783,497 ($1.1 billion dollars). They are well known for their drug Seroquel which causes diabetes, their lawsuits over drugs Nexium and Prilosec (which causes kidney disease, kidney injury, kidney failure and acute interstitial nephritis). FDA warning and lawsuits for drugs Onglyza & Kombiglyze XR causing heart failure, and the drug Farxiga in where the FDA admitting serious side effects and lawsuits due to side effects including ketoacidosis, kidney problems and urinary tract infections. In addition, In 2003 AstraZeneca had pleaded guilty to criminal and civil charges relating to the illegal marketing of the prostate cancer drug Zoladex. In 2002 AstraZeneca said it would put a more conspicuous warning label on its lung cancer drug Iressa after several patients in Japan suffered pneumonia and some died. In 1998 Astra U.S.A. paid $9.85 million to settle sexual harassment allegations and in 2016 they had committed accounting violations in Russia and China. Links to read more: AstraZeneca’s corporate rap sheet, Violation Tracker Summary Page, and their Drugwatch page.

This is a scratch of the surface of a truly devilish history. How do these corporate criminals continue to walk around essentially scot free in a ‘modern society’ after harming and killing so many innocent people, some who were just purchasing an item at the grocery store for their family and in other cases for patients looking for a true solution to their health ailments? How do so many today put their precious lives in the hands to known murderers so easily? How many infomercials do we see continually plastered all over tv every single day for years and years regarding time sensitive compensation from lawsuits due to Big Pharma? Meanwhile, news outlets are as predictable as ever with their copy and paste network-to-network teleprompter within their monopoly, riddled with blatant lies and omissions well before 2019. And of course, Big Pharma have made it so that they are legally immune (no pun intended) to any injury or deaths from their rushed, and for all intents and purposes, experimental ‘vaccine.’ How many souls have been lost by the hands of these monsters over so much time? I can say from personal experiece it’s truely painful and infuriating when you are forced witness a loved one become another victim to Big Pharma, even before the chaos that was 2020. And now many parade their ‘vaccine’ shots around like it’s some badge of honor while the rest of us that know basic world history are ostracized, ridiculed, and called selfish for doing the history, for simply knowing the reality of this world leading up to this point and not becoming another victim of a predatory industry.

Being an Underground Hip Hop DJ, intelligent lyrics holding nothing back are the utmost of importance where the 5 century plight of black and brown people, equal rights/justice, and calling out white collar criminals are nothing new. Of course, we all have careers, families, bills to pay, food to put on the table that consumes so much of day to day life. But to refuse to address how we got here in history and how it affects every aspect of life is doing a disservice if one considers themselves a responsible citizen of this planet. The longer these topics are put off for later or shunned altogether, the bigger the hole we dig collectively. It means going well beyond the Tuskeegee experiments and taking a look at the entirety of it all with the dark history of medical experimentation on black americans from colonial times to the present. Additionally, not quite sure how this situation suddenly became a politicized republican democrat, right or left issue recently but right is right and wrong is wrong regarding health and human rights when they insist on everyone to take their rushed medical concoction, or if not, suffer the consequences in daily life, point blank. Not to mention these mainstream news media outlets since day one don’t as much as utter a single word on how to actually boost our god given immune systems naturally. Once you get a glimpse of what’s actually going down, it becomes almost comical how people allow it to even happen.

Folks have every right take this ‘vaccine’ if they so choose, and every individual has every right to have this information and history easily provided to them, complete and unabated! But to force mandates to even our children now from these companies, the future generation, is a crime of the highest degree. We must band together in these trying times regardless of religion, way of life, country of residence, or political affiliation. United in this critical moment in time is the only way to resolve issues that plague the globe. I’d like to believe approaching the year 2022, humankind is greater than this cruel game being played on all of our lives on multiple levels. This blog since it’s inception has always highlighted health, wellness, and culture from a unique perspective. This post reaffirms my stance alongside others local and globally in being proactive in disseminating basic information on how to improve the quality of life, as we refuse to comply with these corporate criminal demands. We remain the glitch in the matrix.

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Redemption Sessions returns to 1213 Radio!

Posted Thu, December 3, 2020 at 12:33 pm by deejay pr0pa.rations under Uncategorized (No Respond)

(Programming note: The show has been moved back 24 hours later due to technical difficulties.  Now going down December 5th at 6pm PST / 9pm PST. I had everything just about all set to go but unfortunately hit a snag. A bit disappointing for me to announce this but looking forward to getting back on the airwaves even if it’s one day later. Thank you for your continued support of 1213 Radio and Redemption Sessions!)

I am excited to announce the return of the Redemption Sessions DJ mix show! The first show in nearly 4 years will be going down Saturday, December 5th at 6pm PST / 9pm EST (listeners outside of North America can follow us on Twitter @1213Radio for notifications on when we start in your local time). Redemption Sessions will be delivering some of the best in Hip Hop and Reggae from the classics, all the way up to 2020. And as always we will delve into the important topics of today. The title of this show, 2020 From An Underground Hip Hop Perspective.

Tune in on the web at or use this direct stream link to tune in with the internet browser or media player of your choice (iTunes, Winamp, VLC, Windows Media Player, etc).

Alternately, iOS & Android users can tune in with the ‘‘ app, while Blackberry users can tune in on the ‘‘ app. Install from the app store, then within the app do a search for ‘1213 Radio.’ Look for this logo in the store:

Follow us on Twitter @1213radio for requests, dedications, and up to the minute tracklists.

Looking to conclude a hectic 2020 (to say the least) on a good note into the new year with upliftment and clarity in boom bap form, as we look to our past for insight while walking forward into the future to continue to build globally on a solid cultural foundation.


Redemption Sessions episode 1 (’14 Equinox 2 edition)

Posted Thu, November 27, 2014 at 2:38 pm by deejay pr0pa.rations under hip hop (No Respond)


Download mp3 (right click to save as)


It is my pleasure to present another installment of Redemption Sessions! This Sept 2014 Equinox edition delivers with 2 and a half hours of boom bap goodness for your listening pleasure. 1213 Radio and the Redemption Sessions show have been around for 7 & a half years but this is the first “official” episode in which will be labeled with a number to kind of keep things in order as we continue forward.

If you enjoy the show, please consider donating. We strive to provide an alternative to corporate controlled radio which over saturates the airwaves. As such, things can become difficult financially at times for a community oriented station. It costs us $30 to stay online per month, not including expenses regarding equipment, new music, etc. Even if you can only donate $1, it goes a long way! To donate, navigate to the radio station page and click on the widget on the right side of the page:

A Tracklist is provided below. It’s a blessing to have this opportunity to be a part of a growing global community. Thank you for your continued support!

DJ proparations – Redemption Sessions Equinox Show 2014.09.27 (154:08)

Dilated Peoples – Good As Gone
The Bar – Coming (To America)
Zion I – The Masters of Ceremony
Offwhyte – Equinox (Produced By Mike Gao)
Si-Klon – I Want To Be Free
Mr. SOS – Super Rapper Shit
Scienz Of Life – Greatness
Opio & Equipto – Faris Wheel (feat. lroneous)
Sadat X and Will Tell – New Summer Days (feat. Twannie Ranks & Sean Black)
Amp Live/Grouch & Eligh – Last Wall
Big Boi feat Asap Rocky and Phantog – Lines
Mr. Lif – The Fringes
Deltron 3030 – My Only Love (feat. Emily Wells)
Ras Ceylon – Heal Lanka
Orko Eloheim/Odessa Kane – The World You Fear
Mr.Fickle – Community Gates
Pihon & SamUiLL – Comrade
A-Alikes – Song for You
D Prosper – Rap 101
JunClassic – Left Out
Rebel Diaz (mixed by DJ Illanoiz) – I’m An Alien
Rakaa – Upstairs
Random and Phill Harmonix – Traveler (For Aaron)
The Grouch & Eligh – I Know You Wanna Feel (Prod. By Eligh)
The Star Seeds (K-Murdock & ParanormL) – Zombified
Apani – No Matter
JosIrs – New Dawn
Okimaskwesis – Start Over Again
Nan$ki – The World By Storm (Feat. Mi$$ Ekko-1 & Okimaskwesis) [Prod. By StarKoreProductions]
Azma & Paradox – U Tube (feat. Mando The DJ)
Kaigen & Shing02 – Jikaku (prod. by Michita)
Starwalker – aForce
Prometheus Brown & Bambu – National Treasure
Dilated Peoples – The Bigger Picture (feat. Krondon)

Redemption Sessions Xmas segment podcast

Posted Wed, December 25, 2013 at 11:07 am by deejay pr0pa.rations under hip hop (1 Respond)

Happy holydays/Merry Kushmas! A gift from 1213 Radio to our listeners and supporters. Here is the final segment of the Redemption Sessions radio show/podcast for the 2013 December Solstice. I play 3 Xmas themed songs that are essential listening for all hip hop heads. Added a couple of Boondocks clips to coincide with the message, then finished off the show with a couple of spiritual/upliftment tunes: a classic Scienz Of Life track followed by one of Jasiri X’s best cuts to date. Download the mp3 or listen to it using the media player below. Be sure check back here for the 3 hour complete podcast of the show in the next day or two! Peace!

click to download mp3
(may need to right click & utilize the ‘save link as’ option)


[[ Xmas/Happy Holyday segment ]]

One Be Lo – The Grinch That…
Spoon (Of Iodine) – Anti-Christ
Killer Mike & El-P – A Christmas F****** Miracle

Scienz Of Life – Metaphysics
Jasiri X – Ascension


Bob Marley: Prophecies and Messages

Posted Wed, February 6, 2013 at 10:28 pm by deejay pr0pa.rations under documentary, reggae (No Respond)

On this day in 1945 Robert Nesta Marley (also known as Bob Marley) was born. This is another tribute to his legacy and the infinite gift he gave to the world. There are several documentaries on Bob. This one is titled Prophecies And Messages. Rest in peace soljah.

Bob Marley was very firm in his convictions. He explains the importance of Rastafari (to him). He also talks about nuclear power, capitalism vs. communism, and many more important subjects. Bob Marley was a humanist who maintained a vertical relationship between him and his maker. He disregarded rules that were designed to oppress humankind and called on everyone to resist them and to seek freedom, equality, and fairness. Firm, conscious and serious message that is even more relevant today. Watch at your convenience.

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Happy 18th Birthday Trayvon Martin

Posted Tue, February 5, 2013 at 10:29 pm by deejay pr0pa.rations under equal rights, hip hop (No Respond)

This post is in honor of an innocent young man, Trayvon Martin. Today would’ve been his 18th birthday. Rest in peace.

Artist: Jasiri X
Song: A Song For Trayvon

It’s Sunday the God’s day, a day of rest
The NBA all stars are playing next. But right outside that same city the celebratory atmosphere would change quickly
Who watching the game with me you know lil Trayvon was
reppin his home town
D Wade and LeBron
He had just came up from
Miami to see his daddy
Who knew such a great weekend would end so badly
In a place where you move because it’s safe for your family
But some people got a ingrown hate for your family
Halftime just a short brake from the slammin
Bout to go to the store lil cuz you want some candy?
Bet I grab you some skittles kid. I’ll be right back in a little bit
How bout I grab you some skittles kid. I’ll be right back in a little bit.


Paid for lil cuz’s skittles and a iced tea walked out the store and felt the chill of the night breeze
It seemed a little colder than before he didn’t know
it was a boy like a soldier in a war that was watching him clocking him
thinking about stopping him
nine milly cocking them
who’s this nigga
walking in my neighborhood?
He fits all the specifics of criminal statistics– he
looks suspicious “911, what’s your emergency?”
A black man’s walking through my hood purposely
stay clam, it’s just little Trayvon but he wanna
be the hero so he put’s his cape on
George Zimmerman neighborhood block captain
loaded glock strapped in fake cop has been got out the car
ignoring what the cops asked him
“They always get away this time that will
not happen!”

George Zimmerman didn’t take his Ritalin drunk off adrenaline says he
making a citizens arrest
Trayvon looks at him vexxed “I just walked to the
store nothing more nothing less”
Just steps from his home he ignored his
request George grabs him, Trayvon swings and connects
Starts screaming out for help
but Zimmerman see a threat so he pulls out his gun and he
points it at his chest
He fires but he misses Trayvon pleads for forgiveness
“I didn’t do nothing” this is senseless
but George Zimmerman was so vicious he made sure the second shot hit em no survivor no witness
Trayvon never gave his cousin his skittles, missed the all star
game didn’t see another dribble

And George Zimmerman wasn’t even arrested.
The message is only white lives are protected In America.


Ascension Sessions!

Posted Thu, December 20, 2012 at 7:04 am by deejay pr0pa.rations under ascension, hip hop (No Respond)

It’s my pleasure to present to you 1213 Radio’s final broadcast for 2012. 3 hours packed with that metaphysical boom bap to provide a soundtrack for your ascension process and the solstice celebration! The podcast is broken up into 3 parts: Decolonize Your Mind 101, Ascension Workshop, & the Fam Livication. Download the mp3 or listen to it using the media player below. Links also provided in the tracklist to the free tracks direct from the artists. My gift to the global fam. Happy Solstice!

click to download mp3
(may need to right click & utilize the ‘save link as’ option)


[[ Intro ]]
Mars Ill – Pirate Radio
KRS-One – Disaster Kit

[[ Decolonize Your Mind 101 ]]
Roundtable MCs – Dread Baron
El-P – True Story
Wiley – Highs And Lows
Ras Ceylon – Decolonized Comradez (featuring Mandeep Sethi)
Rebel Diaz x Gat Turner x Viva Fidel – The Thanksgiving
M1 – Genocide Highway (featuring Nas)
Madd Joker – Informer Done (featuring Edi Fitzroy & Blak Ran)
Reks – Unlearn
Krazy Race – From The Heart (featuring Diamonique)
Bambu – Orosi
Pep Love – I Know This Pain (featuring LB Select & Chris Rene)
Intikana – Anoxias Inertia
Virtuoso – The Final Conflict

[[ Ascension Workshop – 61:00 ]]
Method Man – Judgement Day
Lost Children Of Babylon – 2012 (The Mayan Factor)
Orko Eloheim – Master Lessons (featuring ATMA & Trust 1)
Phoenix Orion & Team Eloheem – Secret Wars (feat Big Foot, DK Toon, Darkzeid, Danald D, Neb Love. PEACE)
Synonym vs Si-Klon – Ancient Portal
Phoenix Orion & Team Eloheem – Enter The Portal
Orko Eloheim – Intergalactic Federation (featuring Unkle Festa)
Seven Star – Chariots Of Fire (featuring Livee)
Orko Eloheim – My Space Ship (featuring Marilucidream)
CYNE – Starship Utopia
Nina Sky – Starting Today
Dirty Digital – Move On
Pep Love – Ascension
Masters Of The Universe – Earth Impact
Eligh & Amp Live – First Contact
Wiley – Welcome To Zion
Zion I – Anymore
D Prosper – Agartha
Atun Sen Geb – The Nine
Bigg Jus – Advanced Lightbody Activation
Micranots – Sun Salutations

[[ 1213 Radio Fam Livication – 166:52 ]]
Terem, Adam Payne & ParanormL (T.A.P.) – Transcendence
The Understudies – The Elders
Physical Graffiti – Original Spear (production by DJ Irs)
Azma & Paradox – My Life
D Natural – Get Down
Rhymageddon & Venomous2000 – Rock After Them

[[ Final Lesson – 193:00 ]]
Reks – Birth Of A Nation (production by DC The MIDI Alien)
The Lost Children Of Babylon – The Venus Project

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Redemption Sessions Podcast #2

Posted Mon, August 20, 2012 at 3:38 am by deejay pr0pa.rations under hip hop (No Respond)

FiNALLY. After months and months of setbacks and broken computer downtime, it’s my pleasure to present to you the Redemption Sessions podcast #2! This installment includes tributes to MCA & Trayvon Martin, as well as tributes to the Fukushima victims/survivors and (because it’s that time of the year), one more remembrance livication for Hurricane Katrina victims/survivors. The amount of heaters and upliftment on this 4 hour and 30 minute 55 song marathon is so ridiculous, it’s not to be missed! Tracklist provided below. Use the embedded audio player to listen or click on the download link to grab the mp3. Due to the length of the show, 2 different download options are available.

Tracks in the Trayvon Martin tribute by Jasiri X, Mista F.A.B., dead prez/Yassin Bey/mikeflo & are free to download individually on their respective websites. Click on the track names in the tracklist to be navigated there.

Tracks in the Fukushima tribute by Mega Ran & i-dep/Shing02 are reasonably priced tunes and I have linked to the artist websites in the tracklist. If you enjoy their music please support these artists!

The Yumore & Shing02 (Team 6) track and many other Rokkasho remixes are available to download for free at

Donations to keep 1213 Radio online and commercial free are being accepted here. Enjoy the show!

click to download mp3 (may need to right click & utilize the ‘save link as’ option)
246 MB

click to download RAR file with podcast split in 3 mp3 files
243 MB

[[ intro ]]
Mars Ill – Pirate Radio

[[ The Unempolyed / Everyday Worker Tribute ]]
Wise Intelligent – Globe Holders
Jedi Mind Tricks – Shadow Business
Intikana – Anoxias Inertia
Sun Rise Above – Get A Job
I Self Devine – The Go Round (featuring Soulution & Muja Messiah)
Opio – Bill Collectors
Reks – Chasin’ (production by Statik Selektah)

[[ Trayvon Martin Tribute – 33:30 ]]
Jasiri X – Trayvon
dead prez x Yassin Bey x mikeflo – Made You Die (Trayvon Martin Tribute)
Mistah F.A.B. – Got Don’t Love Me
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Johnny Was (Remix) (featuring Guru)

[[ MCA Tribute – 51:15 ]]
Beastie Boys – Sabotage
Beastie Boys – An Open Letter To NYC
Beastie Boys – (R)Evolution Time
Beastie Boys – Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (featuring Santigold)

[[ Fukushima Victims/Survivors Tribute – 71:00 ]]
Random (Mega Ran) – Cry Of The Planet (remix)
Yumore & Shing02 (Team 6) – Rokkasho (Yumore remix)
i-dep – Fuku (featuring Shing02) (s02 edit)

[[ Hurricane Katrina Victims/Survivors Tribute – 102:30 ]]
Mos Def – Katrina Clap
Killer Mike – That’s Life

[[ Real Talk Segment – 113:30 ]]
Rakaa – Delilah
Physical Graffiti – Evolve (production by Trill)
Brother Ali – The Bite Marked Heart
Reks – Recession (featuring Jon Hope & LB / production by DC The MIDI Alien)
Vinnie Paz – End Of Days (featuring Block McCloud)
Reks – Power Lines (featuring Easy Money)
Aesop Rock – Zero Dark Thirty
Bambu x Josh The Goon – None Left
Progress – Spark Your Brain
Phesto Dee  – Information Warfare
Pharaohe Monch – Calculated Amalgamation
Big Juss – Food For Thought
Madd Joker – Teach Them Right (featuring Professor Most)
Reks – Birth Of A Nation (production by DC The MIDI Alien)
Ras Ceylon – Repatriation Time
Kaigen – Give My All (featuring Orko Eloheim)
Intifada – Patriotismo

[[ Ganja Livication – 179:00 ]]
Blue Scholars – Tommy Chong
Kid Cudi – Marijuana
OGB – High Times
Virtuoso – Pound A Day
Phaize I The Lion – Ganja (featuring Aboriginal)

[[ Chillaxin Segment – 204:14 ]]

People Under The Stairs – Electric Tookie
Reks – The Limelight
Scienz Of Life – Touch Screen Queen
Evidence – Late For The Sky (featuring Slug & Aesop Rock)

[[ 1213 Radio Fam Livication – 222:12  ]]
Layzie Bone – Lockdown Love
One Be Lo – G.O.A.T.
Bambu – Slow Down (featuring Prometheus Brown / Sabzi remix)
DL Incognito – Universal Love (featuring D Shade)
Grouch – God Bless The Elephant

[[ Final Thoughts in OT – 254:24 ]]
A-Alikes – Strategy
Opio & Equipto – Buildin
Wiley – Wise Man And His Words

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Street Sweeper Social Club – Good Morning Mrs. Smith! (w/ lyrics)

Posted Wed, February 29, 2012 at 3:37 pm by deejay pr0pa.rations under hip hop (No Respond)

Artist: Street Sweeper Social Club
Song: Good Morning Mrs. Smith

[Boots Riley]
In the military outpost known as hell
We was way too drunk off Muscatel
Prone to fail and get thrown in jail
From the stories that the TV was known to tell
This night at the end of the world
Police sirens sing to boys and girls
Handful of pills to press your curl
Baby shine that light, let your fight unfurl
My confession is also my blessing
Hollered Hail Marys suckin on a Smith & Wesson
May salutations interrupt your isolation
I’m just like you, another profit calculation
I learned a lot from things left at my apartment
Forgotten papers that you dropped on my carpet
Musical chairs, you thought your luck was just startin’
Who told the record to stop?
Took the collection note you left at my spot
And made you origami

Woo hoo!!
Good morning, Mrs. Smith!!
Woo hoo!!
Good morning, Mrs. Smith!!

[Boots Riley]
In the military outpost known as hell
We was way too drunk off Muscatel
Prone to fail and get thrown in jail
From the stories that the TV was known to tell
This night at the end of the world
Police sirens sing to boys and girls
Handful of pills to press your curl
Baby shine that light, let your fight unfurl
Dancin’ in my kitchen with Sly Stone’s permission
Lit my ignition, cursing fascist apparitions
You said your life was something like the inquisition
All you could do was lay there in prone position
I said there’s love inside the people connectin’ and interactin’
Strugglin’, finding direction
That’s why you see insurrection
Here’s some affection
We the targets of war
Took the eviction note they tacked on your door
And made you origami

Woo hoo!!
Good morning, Mrs. Smith!!
Woo hoo!!
Good morning, Mrs. Smith!!

[Boots Riley]
In the military outpost known as hell
We was way too drunk off Muscatel
Prone to fail and get thrown in jail
From the stories that the TV was known to tell
This night at the end of the world
Police sirens sing to boys and girls
Handful of pills to press your curl
Baby shine that light, let your fight unfurl
I heard that power is the rum of the brain
And for us it’s fixin’, not just numbin’ the pain
And I’m not just comin’ complainin’
I’m just explanin’ how this life is a blessin’
I took the farewell note you meant for your exit
And made you origami

Woo hoo!!
Good morning, Mrs. Smith!!
Woo hoo!!
Good morning, Mrs. Smith!!

J Dilla Documentary: Still Shining

Posted Wed, February 9, 2011 at 9:54 pm by deejay pr0pa.rations under documentary, hip hop (No Respond)

In honor of J Dilla and in celebrating his birthday this week (Feb. 7th), here is a documentary on him titled Still Shining.

from the Vimeo page:
“Created in 2006, this remembrance piece is created as a tribute to the memory and legacy of James “J.Dilla” Yancey. This is a piece designed for his fans and supporters who knew of his accomplishments before February 2006 and those that have grown to appreciate his genius. Here, we gain a greater insight and understanding about our musical icon.

J.Dilla is Still Shining.”