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Intelligent Music Mixtape

Posted Sat, November 27, 2010 at 8:51 pm by deejay pr0pa.rations under hip hop (No Respond)


download ZIP file here
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Greetings people. After a couple of years since my last mixtape and many delays and setbacks, I am happy to announce that my latest project is complete and ready to download for your listening pleasure. 80 minutes of all vinyl goodness, the Intelligent Music Mixtape delivers straight to the chase heater after heater offering insight, social commentary, and retrospection from some of the greatest hip hop artists today, something so imperative but all too often overlooked in these difficult times. The majority of these tracks have dropped in the last year or 2 but the mix also contains music from as far back as ’06 that I’ve recently obtained. A couple of these older tunes were never released on a regular album. These include the tracks by Keepers of the Light (album either never surfaced or is ultra rare), Ladybug Mecca – Doggstarr Ancient Astronauts remix (7″ release not found on the original single or on the remix EPs), and Aesop Rock (a B side gem on the Coffee 12″.)

Please consider donating at if you enjoy the blend and navigate to the widget at the top right of the page. All proceeds go to keeping 1213 Radio online! Also support the artists and record labels! There is an extensive links list below to check out.

Many thanks to homies that have supported and helped out with the radio station since the beginning: Starwalker, DJ Northafrican, DJ Irs. Also a special thanks to Berkeleynative, the Access Hip Hop shop in SD, and to the hip hop & local and global community who have linked… to those fighting day in and day out for equal rights and justice for the oppressed and people everywhere.





Pete Rock – Ready Fe War (feat. Chip Fu and Renee Neufville)
Bk One and Benzilla – American Nightmare (feat. Brother Ali and Scarface)
Reflection Eternal – Black Gold
Scienz of Life – Oh America
Crushcon 7 – Fieldwerk (feat. I Self Devine)
Immortal Technique and DJ Green Lantern – Apocalypse (Remix) (feat. Akir and Pharoahe Monch)
DJ Babu – Black n Brown Army (feat. Chace Infinite and Sick Jacken)
Rakaa – Observatory (feat. Mad Lion) (prod. by King Jahzzy)
Grouch & Eligh – Teach Me The Way
One Day as a Lion – Wild International
The Roots – How I Got Over (feat. Dice Raw)
Street Sweeper Social Club – Fight! Smash! Win!
Aesop Rock – Next Best Thing
Brother Ali – Philistine David
Z-Trip – On My Side (feat. Lateef and Slug)
Ladybug Mecca – Doggstarr (Ancient Astronauts remix)
Sadat X – Turn It Up (feat. Pete Rock)
Declaime – State Of Emergency (prod. by Madlib)
Keepers of the Light – War Goin’ On (feat. Rakaa and Rhettmatic)
Torae and Marco Polo – Combat Drills
DJ Muggs and Ill Bill – Cult Assassin
Krs-One & Buckshot – Runnin’ Away (feat. Immortal Technique)
Scienz of Life – Break The Spell
Rakaa – Human Nature (Now Breathe) (feat. KRS-One) (prod. by Exile)
Nas & Damian Marley – Nah Mean
People Under the Stairs – Carried Away

(intro and outro commentaries taken from Rakaa’s album Crown of Thorns)



Seven Star – Conscious Evolution

Posted Fri, November 26, 2010 at 11:03 pm by deejay pr0pa.rations under hip hop (No Respond)

A part of the elite, architect, elegant, ambitious devils with class. Christopher managed to borrow the cash, the beliefs of the queen along with the mass. Demonic thoughts in his skull like glass, sharp when lunged in a wind blast. At glance they seem to glow, low and behold truth unfolds. Proof savagery eminently awaits, but still their cold affects the souls of what he thought were the Indies. When arriving at an island named Borinquen, the shadows in the trees that were already there to greet him decided to leave that glow sinking at the expense of their extinction. Asking themselves, what kind of god would suffocate, should we kill them all they ponder in the presence of a drowned god. Endorphins started to gather. Striding their inner chaos with three eyes open, rather than panicking their walk displayed the same when they returned to the village. The end of the pillage! The cacique was told, the so called gods are frauds. The bow, the arrow, the spear. Look to your rear, these war assassins are here. Rather be dead than fear. The devils want gold, my people want red war paint.

With a blade he slowly crept behind one of the guards, cut his neck from ear to ear, covered his mouth to silence the screams of fear. Blood dripping on the sand with a signal of his hand he gave the command to stand still like frogs will when a bat flies above looking for prey to kill. Swigging from tree vines, sending chills up spines, one started to run but fell when arrows shot his mind. Hiding in the mountains clouds their judgment, but the worry for the village stands above it and to protect it is to love it. The medicine men cant provide cure or immunity for this disease that spreads. Whole families are dead. They knew the battle would never end. Even if the soldiers on the island were defeated they would send more men. Although it was 10 to 1 Tainos still owned the sun. Tainos still owned the sun!

Hope rested in their hearts in the land once familiar to their eyes now detached apart from its vibration. The smell of death on inhalation disturbs their concentration. Some of them lost their will for meditation. What an unpredictable separation. Betrayal in the air at all moments. A humming of anticipation, mixed with streams of anger displacement, humiliation. They started pilling the dead forming circles, burning the mounds to chants and drums. Sacred spiritual hums vibrated beyond the watery graves of children with holes in their lungs. The skies lit up like comet tails were in the atmosphere. Lost hope orbiting in the black holes of fear. Peer stares at peer and it appears to be clear Evolution has chosen the mere. Conscious evolution, unconscious evolution steered like Ninas, Pintas, and Santa Marias.

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Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted Wed, October 6, 2010 at 10:36 pm by deejay pr0pa.rations under health (No Respond)

Apple Cider Vinegar (other names: cider vinegar, ACV, acetic acid) is an effective natural bacteria-fighting agent that contains many vital minerals and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, chlorine, sodium, sulfur, copper, iron, silicon and fluorine that are vital for a healthy body.

Unlike white vinegar, apple cider vinegar is a light yellow-brown color and is often sold unfiltered and unpasteurized with a dark, cloudy sediment called mother of vinegar (consisting mainly of acetic acid bacteria) settled at the bottom of the bottle. Although other types of vinegar — such as white vinegar, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar and rice wine vinegar — are used mainly in cooking, apple cider vinegar is used primarily for health purposes.

The curative history of vinegar

Vinegar has been used to cure and prevent a variety of ailments throughout history. According to ancient Assyrian tablets, earaches were relieved by treating the patient with vinegar. Later, Hippocrates, considered the father of medicine, treated patients with one of the world’s original recognized medicines: vinegar. That was in 400 B.C. Then, in Biblical times, a variety of infections were treated with vinegar. And, during the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars, vinegar was used as an antiseptic and disinfectant.

The claims to fame of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a wonderful natural cure for a number of ailments which usually require antibiotics and other medications that have a number of side effects. Research has shown that it can assist in aiding digestion, lowering bad cholesterol, strengthening the heart, lowering blood pressure, stabilizing blood sugar and it contains anti-oxidants which help ward off certain cancers.

Apple cider vinegar’s other claims to fame include relieving sore throats, slowing the aging process, relieving leg cramps, soothing sunburn, controlling dandruff and itchy scalp, flushing harmful toxins from the system which is thought to aid arthritis and assisting in weight control. Apple Cider Vinegar has also been known to:

* Cure skin conditions such as acne

* Protect against food poisoning

* Fight allergies in both humans and animals

* Prevent muscle fatigue after exercise

* Strengthen the immune system

* Increase stamina

* Increase metabolism which promotes weight loss

* Improve digestion and cure constipation

* Alleviate symptoms of arthritis and gout

* Prevents bladder stones and urinary tract infections

Side effects? How to drink it

There are no major known side effects of Apple Cider Vinegar when used in moderation. However, drinking vinegars, acids or even lemon juices on a regular basis can lead to a deterioration of dental enamel. This can give your teeth a yellowish look and make them more sensitive to heat and cold. To prevent this, the vinegar should always be diluted with water or a pinch of baking soda should be added in order to reduce the acidity level. The best option appears to be consuming the drink through a straw and bypassing the teeth altogether, or taking in the water-vinegar mixture two or three times a day as opposed to through-out the day. It has been found that the drink should be consumed in about a five minute time frame and immediately after the teeth should be brushed if a straw is not used. That way you can prevent the acid from the vinegar from having time to have a negative impact on your teeth.

At the same time, apple cider vinegar can help promote healthy gums if used properly. Using a mouthwash of about one part apple cider vinegar to five parts water will help prevent gum disease. As a precaution however, the teeth should be brushed within 10 minutes or so of having used the mouthwash mixture.

You can also try a mixture of 3 parts vinegar to one part water and mix it with your toothpaste. Brushing with this mixture is an extremely effective way to whiten your teeth. Right after using the vinegar, water, toothpaste mixture, brush your teeth again with “just” toothpaste to remove any cider vinegar residue.

If used properly, apple cider vinegar can have a positive effect on the health of your teeth and gums. The secret is to not let the acid from the vinegar have time to erode the enamel on your teeth.

If Apple Cider Vinegar is so great, why hasn’t your doctor told you about it?

The simple reason might be that medical doctors are more apt to prescribe medicines than natural remedies. Pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money getting their medicines and pills approved and they certainly wouldn’t want you using the inexpensive, unpatentable alternative of ACV instead of buying their expensive cures and treatments.

Which ACV to buy?

Clear distilled vinegar is easy to find in any food store and is relatively inexpensive. This type of vinegar is great for regular household cleaning chores, but it is not so wonderful for your internal health. Non-distilled vinegars are definitely going to be more expensive and nutritionally potent than the distilled varieties, but isn’t your health worth the price difference? Plus, you are going to have the satisfaction of knowing that you have chosen the right mixture that will work hard to enhance your health.

Most commercial brands (whether white or brown) have been pasteurized, filtered, and refined or distilled in order to make the final product look more attractive to please the consumer. The manufacturers are only giving the consumer what they apparently seem to want. Unfortunately, unbeknown to the average consumer, this extra processing actually destroys much of the natural health restorative properties of the end product.

Look for ACVs that have been cold pressed and made from whole, organically grown apples, with no added chemical preservatives, and in which the ‘mother’ of vinegar liquid has been retained. This ‘mother’ substance, as it is lovingly known, is the gelatinous liqueur that is naturally formed during the final fermentation process. This milky, cloudy, and stringy looking stuff at the bottom of the container is what contains the healthiest part of the mixture. It also lets you know that the important vitamins and minerals, enzymes, and naturally occurring good bacteria have not been compromised due to over processing, filtration, or excessive heating. Braggs is a reputable brand and you can find it in most health food places and in many grocery stores.

Check out for more information on the many uses of ACV and how it has helped others.


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Redemption Sessions podcast #1

Posted Wed, October 6, 2010 at 4:53 pm by deejay pr0pa.rations under hip hop (No Respond)

Here is the first official podcast of the Redemption Sessions radio show. The show has been around for a couple years but I was really feelin’ the vibes on this show and finally got around to starting a podcast. For new listeners, the show primarily focuses on underground hip hop and reggae. This episode includes a No Human Is Illegal (anti SB 1070) segment, Hurricane Katrina Victims Livication, and a Bambitos (youth) Livication. As always, there is an all vinyl mix. Use the embeded audio player to listen or right click on the download link to grab the mp3. Also, the tracks by Arizona Project, DJ Spooky, Mistachuck, and Talib Kweli are free to download individually on their respective websites. Click on the tracknames in the tracklist to go there.

right click to >> download mp3
174 MB

Memphis Reigns – Mind Mechanics
Souls Of Mischief – Woni (Instrumental)
DJ Muggs VS Ill Bill – Cult Assassin
Dam Native – The Majestics
Nas and Damien Marley – Tribal War (Feat. K’naan)
Ras Kass – Goldyn Chyld 2 (feat. DJ Rhettmatic)
Torae – Callin’ Me (Prod. by Eric G)
Clay Pigeons – I Ain’t Never Drinkin’ Again
Supa Nova Slom – Mr. Medicine
Crooklyn Dodgers – Crooklyn (Feat. Buckshot) (Instrumental)

No Human Is Illegal Segment

El-P – Meanstreak
Arizona Project – Arizona Gonna Git
Mistachuck – Tear Down That Wall (Feat. DJ Pain 1) (Prod. by DSE)
Public Enemy – By The Time I Get To Arizona (DJ Spooky Remix)
Taboo – One Heart, One Beat
Talib Kweli – Papers Please
Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Instrumental)

Hurricane Katrina Victims Livication

Mos Def – Dollar Day (Katrina Clap)
Killer Mike – That’s Life
Warren G – Get U Down (Part II) (Feat. Ice Cube, B-Real, Snoop Dogg)
Raphael Saadiq – Big Easy
Haj F. Karimah – Consequences (Remix Instrumental)

Bambitos Livication

KRS-One and Buckshot – Think Of The Things (Feat. K’Naan) (Prod. by DJ Mentplus)
Tahir – Deepest Love
Cymarshell – Family (Feat. One Be Lo)
BJ aka Homeskill – Family Stand
Madd Joker – Youthman Liveup (Feat. Kutfather Rockwell And Johaz)
Method Man, Redman, Cypress Hill – Cisco Kid (Instrumental)

King Solomon – American Made
Phaize I The Lion – Babylon
Rakaa – Human Nature (Now Breathe) (Feat. KRS-One)
The Grouch and Eligh – Rivers Run Dry
MC Enigma – Captain Planet (Prod. by DJ IRS)
Nas and Damian Marley – My Generation (Feat. Joss Stone and Lil Wayne)

All Vinyl Mix

Scienz Of Life – Break The Spell
Seven Star – Irate MC (Remix)
Azeem – Five Oooh
Human?, Bang2, Bass Nacho, CK, Gudamowf, M-1 – Boombaya
KRS-One and Buckshot – Robots
Aceyalone – Disconnected (Feat. RJD2)
Sadat X – X And Bill (Feat. Ill Bill)
Arsonists – Spacejunk (Feat. Kinetic NRG)
John Robinson – The Author (Prod. by Flying Lotus)
Zion I – Antenna
Ladybug Mecca – Doggstarr (Ancient Astronauts Remix)
Opio – Granite Earth (Feat. Pigeon John)
The Grouch And Eligh – Old Souls (Feat. Blu) (Prod. by Flying Lotus)

DJ Honda And Mos Def – Travellin’ Man (Instrumental)
Rakaa – Upstairs
Rebels To The Grain – If I Could Save The World
Mestizo – Hard To Maintain
Dumbfoundead – Clouds (Feat. Jay Park and Clara)
The Roots – Right On (Feat. Joanna Newsome, STS)
Starwalker – Track 14

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Project Updates (new mixtape & 1213 Radio)

Posted Tue, August 3, 2010 at 3:43 am by deejay pr0pa.rations under hip hop (No Respond)

What’s up everyone? Hope everyone is maintaining in their corner of the galaxy. I want to take this moment to update visitors about the latest goings on with current projects.

I have been working on a new mixtape consisting of tracks only found on vinyl. Intially scheduled to be released in early summer, its release date has been pushed back. I am in the process of purchasing the final pieces and waiting for one LP which has yet to drop. Although bummed that it wasn’t ready in time for summer, this mix absolutely will not disappoint fans of Immortal Technique, I Self Devine, Scienz Of Life, Brother Ali, Reflection Eternal. Needless to say I’m damn excited for the final product.

For anyone that is not familar with 1213 Radio, it is my hip hop & reggae (sometimes featuring other genres) radio station now in it’s 3rd year. We have a new DJ rocking the airwaves named DJ Osiris specializing in a very rare and unique blend of underground San Diego hip hop. As of now he doesn’t have a specific day and time at the moment for live broadcasts but the radio station page will have all the latest updates on live shows. Also, at this current time I am battling several ailments which has regulated my ability to work on my mix show Redemption Sessions. I have scaled back on live shows while I work on building my health back up but I still go live on select Thursday evenings (PST) every month. You may find specifics of the live show on the radio page as well. In the next couple of days I hope to have the first podcast available to those who miss the live show. Even when I’m not working on the station, I will still be sharing and providing important links to info about current events and health (that you probably won’t hear in corporate media) on this blog and on the social networking sites I am on.

Lastly, I would like to thank each and every person that has been a part of Project Proparations. From the artists and internet peeps that haved linked up, to homies and fam that have contributed, to the listeners/readers worldwide for giving us a chance to reach out to them. I hope everyone understands what this project means and stands for and even if it has helped just one person down and out, or has brought a smile to just one listener or reader’s face after a bad bay then it was worth all the blood, sweat, tears, and $ over the last 3+ years. We truly are in the end times and I wish only the best for the poor, sick, and displaced upon planet Earth. Peace and blessings.

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thekeenone – Legal Drug Addict

Posted Tue, August 3, 2010 at 12:58 am by deejay pr0pa.rations under health, hip hop (No Respond)

A featured artist on 1213 Radio, thekeenone delivers with a dope video for her track Legal Drug Addict. For more info, click on the Chucks below


Love Is The New Religion

Posted Fri, July 2, 2010 at 5:37 am by deejay pr0pa.rations under ascension (No Respond)

On the surface of the world right now there is war and violence and things seem dark
But calmly and quietly, at the same time, something else is happening
An inner revolution is taking place and certain individuals are being called to a higher light
It is a silent revolution
From the inside out
From the ground up

It is time for me to reveal myself
I am an embedded agent of a secret, undercover
Global operation
A spiritual conspiracy
We have sleeper cells in every nation on the planet

You won’t see us on the T.V.
You won’t read about us in the newspaper
You won’t hear about us on the radio

We don’t seek any glory
We don’t wear any uniform
We come in all shapes and sizes
Colors and styles

Most of us work anonymously
We are quietly working behind the scenes in every country and culture
of the world
Cities big and small, mountains and valleys, in farms and villages,
tribes and remote islands

You could pass by one of us on the street and not even notice
We go undercover
We remain behind the scenes
It is of no concern to us who takes the final credit
But simply that the work gets done

Occasionally we spot each other in the street
We give a quiet nod and continue on our way so no one will notice

During the day many of us pretend we have normal jobs
But behind the false storefront at night is where the real work takes

Some call us the “Conscious Army”
We are slowly creating a new world with the power of our minds and
We follow, with passion and joy
Our orders from the Central Command
The Spiritual Intelligence Agency

We are dropping soft, secret love bombs when no one is looking
Kind words
Meditation and prayer
Social activism
Random acts of kindness

We each express ourselves in our own unique ways with our own unique
gifts and talents

“Be the change you want to see in the world”
That is the motto that fills our hearts
We know it is the only way real transformation takes place
We know that quietly and humbly we have the power of all the oceans

Our work is slow and meticulous
Like the formation of mountains
It is not even visible at first glance
And yet with it entire tectonic plates shall be moved in the centuries
to come

Love is the new religion of the 21st century

You don’t have to be a highly educated person
Or have any exceptional knowledge to understand it

It comes from the intelligence of the heart
Embedded in the timeless evolutionary pulse of all human beings

Be the change you want to see in the world
Nobody else can do it for you

We are now recruiting
Perhaps you will join us
Or already have….
All are welcome…
The door is open

-Brian Piergrossi
From the book: The Big Glow: Insight, Inspiration, Peace and Passion pg. 35


Eminem in cahoots with satanists & the illuminati?????

Posted Mon, June 14, 2010 at 7:35 pm by deejay pr0pa.rations under hip hop (No Respond)

I know I will be ruffling the feathers of die hard fans and bandwagoner Eminem fans alike on this one but this needs to be said! Eminem is one of the most popular MCs in the world today with a crazy flow and battle rhyme abilities that are difficult to match. That being said, I am a music listener that enjoys thought provoking, inspiring music that makes you want to take action to educate yourself and to fight for what is right; music that makes you stand up for your fellow man; music that empowers the poor, weak, and less fortunate;  music that makes you say F all the devils up in corporate offices that continue satan’s terror upon the planet for centuries now; music that puts everything on the line for the better of mankind and the planet; basically music for the revolution! Eminem isn’t one of these cats. He’s a business man and a favorite for the Hollywood/TMZ massive.

At one point I was a fan of Eminem. I copped his Marshall Mathers CD. I copped his Stan 12″ (primarily for the beat w/ that dope Dido sample) and another Rawkus 12″ he was on but something definitely happened from the times of when he did that “underground shit… with Skam” and now. Although he was never a revolutionary artist, he went from blowing up in the underground to churning out tracks laden with celebrity disses and potty humor that primarily appeal to self absorbed boy scouts that watch Southpark and play Call of Duty all day waiting for they day they get sent to Iraq.

To me, a great MC must not only have crazy beats and a sick flow but must also have lyrical content listeners can relate to beyond how much dough you got, rolling to strip clubs and shagging females, random BS, and shock rap value. You know, MCs that uplift their community and lead them out of dire situations.

This video with Benzino and Jay Electronica is on point. Eminem, like many of these big time artists are merely pawns of a few wealthy individuals who are used to mold the masses into what they want us to be, how they want us to act. As Dead Prez said, “you can’t fool all the people all of the time / but if you fool the right ones, then the rest will fall behind.” Now I’m not saying the illuminati is ghost writing for him or specifically telling him what to do but rather it’s the whole way of “wealthy American life” and the mentality that goes along with it in which these artists fall into. Even if you don’t believe in the illuminati or secret societies, it’s blatant that these multinational corporations who own Hollywood, the major record labels and the media are satanists and their “pawns” mimic this lifestyle.

That commerical Eminem did for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is straight up insulting to the hip hop community. You might be thinking “what’s the big deal about being on a video game soundtrack, mad cats do that!” Yes, even Call Of Duty and lifelike warfare video games today are very much a part of America’s war machine that works well into converting peeps (especially the youth) into racist, warmongering robots so as to not having to establish another draft and thus easing the process of getting recruits to join the service and kill middle eastern people in the name of “black gold” and American freedom (check out my track Crimes Against Humanity if this doesn’t make sense). So while artists like Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, Public Enemy, East Coast Avengers, and Paris inspire the community to join together and break out of 500+ years of oppression we’ve got other artists such as Eminem on the other side of the spectrum with this mind numbing music.

Nowadays, it seems like much of the youth (and the public in general) at least here in America are so desensitized to the catastrophes that are ravaging the planet. They are so inundated with materialistic, superficial crap in music and TV where this “it’s all about me and F everyone else” capitalistic type mentality is the norm and a safe haven for artists that push these types of lifestyles. In terms of the material aspect of the music, there will be peeps that question me and say, “we all need the cash flow, don’t diss it” but what these people don’t realize is that “conscious” hip hop IS about getting out of poverty and everyday struggle, obtaining what you need to thrive, becoming self sustaining, not having to rely on the slave master (corporations and the bossman) in order to live well, and doing so in a positive way where you don’t one-up and con another person in the process.

Ultimately, it’s up to the discerning listener to determine for themselves whether something is dope or not is but the horrific reality of the world today and how people around the globe are being mislead and swindled of their livelihood (in many aspects) cannot be debated. These words from a DJ raised by reggae and rasta culture in the 80s, then hip hop in the 90s; one who is from a broken mi1itary family and one who continually witnesses the deterioration and degradation of communities in southern California mi1itary cities. You need not look further than San Diego’s underground hip hop scene for 1st hand accounts of this.


Crimes Against Humanity

Posted Thu, May 6, 2010 at 4:49 am by deejay pr0pa.rations under equal rights, hip hop (1 Respond)

Music Player web
Crimes Against Humanity is a hip hop instrumental track that beckons the responsible citizens of planet Earth to acknowledge the undeniable reality of corporate funded wars that the United States and other 1st world countries have been participating in for decades upon decades. The 8 minute mini mix is laced with audio clips from Iraq and Vietnam veterans telling the story as it is; how the military relentlessly destroys civilian areas/hospitals, how it mass murders innocent people and children, basically committing genocide all while lying through their teeth in the name of oil and mass profit.

The track also touches on how the youth of today are desensitized and enticed by recruiters through flashy and mesmerizing commercials, video games, and popular music in an all out effort to get them to become just another lamb led to the slaughter.

To the naysayers: I ask is it so wrong to want to stop indiscriminate violence and murder? To live righteously and have compassion for fellow human beings? Despite what most public school text books and Hollywood have the masses believe, American history is laden with horrific massacres first here in North America then throughout the world and the powers that be have no intention of stopping their demonic ways!! You can agree or disagree with what I’m saying but the facts and absolute truths remain in a myriad of true history books. Need a starting point? Read Lies My Teacher Told Me and A People’s History of the United States. Regardless of religion, ethnicity, or culture, the time is now to stand up for what is right because there may be no tomorrow! It may very well be us tomorrow that will fall victim to this satanic plot that has been brewing for centuries. Pull your weight! Either you are part of the problem or part of the solution!

This track is dedicated to children worldwide who have passed on or have been effected by this never ending war. Bless your souls.

For additional info, check out these sites

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Virtuoso – Military Intelligence (feat. Akrobatik)

Posted Wed, March 31, 2010 at 11:11 pm by deejay pr0pa.rations under equal rights, hip hop (No Respond)

Artist: Virtuoso f/ Akrobatik
Song: Military Intelligence
Prod by: Ray Fernandes The Accomplice
Album: World War II - Evolution of the Torturer
Typed by:

Don’t be mad at me, America created this bloodlust
it’s time to be prepared for war, heads up when the scuds bust
you can fire your missiles, there no match for my New England patriot
the fear wells up inside of ya’
as they whistle past your tenament, my president set the precedent
that we don’t need concrete evidence or no allied troops to represent
I’ll bust your shit unilaterally
and any damage I suffer that’s just collateral b
more fuel for the fire
but if you set fire to the fuel the stakes become higher
fourty-eight hours ***** bounce now
turn on the television if you wanna see the fucking countdown
counter attack I’m not having it
my smart bombs are sixty-six point six percent accurate
my leaders name’s another word for pussy
slander and propaganda got me fucked up so don’t push me
I’m full of savagery, so you don’t wanna battle me
I kill the innocent and call it incidental casualties
your minds boggled, I got you slow to grab the throttle
I caught you sleeping with the help of my night vision goggles
I guarantee you dumb fucks won’t sleep on me again
I see you sitting back cocky like Saddam in his den
I’m bombing your men, bombing your women, bombing your kids
check the box score on CNN to see what I did, *****!

My rap flows militant, atten-chun!
the general, commander of the regiment
leveling your settlement the chief speaks eloquent
command presidents, with military intelligence. (2X)

This is V-Day, we may need reinforcements for the fortress
their forces are drowning in an ocean of corpses
while I fly high above birds eye the war eagle
your feeble slash flows that blow like torpedoes
with our limbs aching, march from where we’ve been stationed
for invasion to capture and skin
we’re making expansions to the shores which are foreign
we’re going to war in the name of J.P. Morgan
Gates and Rockerfeller they get shot the hell up
while looters rush, grab the artifacts and rob Iraq of
the culture, from which the vulture stole the Jesus sculpture
knowing that if Christ was alive he would revolt ta’
see you fight for who could use his name in vain to tame the same
people that you claim you save
you gave us purple hearts and call them medals of bravery
but it feels more like I got shot for modern slavery
fuck a war! cause I got my legs blown off
while George Bush junior and senior were playing golf
for who would I vote, when politicians dream of spittin’ two in my throat
leaving me sitting by a suicide note
send wire fuck the empire tell the men fire
I recommend dire consequence for them liars
soldier my flame thrower burn ’em to embers
then return ’em to sender with my terms of surrender

[Hook: 2x]

V:The war horse, more force than an A-bomb
we take arms, cremating your body with napalm
we take on many
A:anybody get slayed
V:for every dollar on weapons, we spend a penny on AIDS
A: fuck research
cause if you ask me Virtch we already got the cure
but turned it down cause it works better on the poor
I think we got it fucked up for sure
intelligence is more
than finding out the oppositions plans for war
V:if the whole world respected love over fear
then a brother would hear your point without a slug in the ear
what kind of holy war has devils on both sides
who spend money on missiles not medical supplies
instead of stealth bombers if you spent the wealth on hospitals
A; Maybe every nation wouldn’t want to take a shot at you
V:so the new battle plan is respect life in all elements
A&V:now that’s military intelligence!

[Hook: 2x]