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Eminem in cahoots with satanists & the illuminati?????

Posted by deejay pr0pa.rations on Mon, June 14, 2010 – 7:35 pm

I know I will be ruffling the feathers of die hard fans and bandwagoner Eminem fans alike on this one but this needs to be said! Eminem is one of the most popular MCs in the world today with a crazy flow and battle rhyme abilities that are difficult to match. That being said, I am a music listener that enjoys thought provoking, inspiring music that makes you want to take action to educate yourself and to fight for what is right; music that makes you stand up for your fellow man; music that empowers the poor, weak, and less fortunate;  music that makes you say F all the devils up in corporate offices that continue satan’s terror upon the planet for centuries now; music that puts everything on the line for the better of mankind and the planet; basically music for the revolution! Eminem isn’t one of these cats. He’s a business man and a favorite for the Hollywood/TMZ massive.

At one point I was a fan of Eminem. I copped his Marshall Mathers CD. I copped his Stan 12″ (primarily for the beat w/ that dope Dido sample) and another Rawkus 12″ he was on but something definitely happened from the times of when he did that “underground shit… with Skam” and now. Although he was never a revolutionary artist, he went from blowing up in the underground to churning out tracks laden with celebrity disses and potty humor that primarily appeal to self absorbed boy scouts that watch Southpark and play Call of Duty all day waiting for they day they get sent to Iraq.

To me, a great MC must not only have crazy beats and a sick flow but must also have lyrical content listeners can relate to beyond how much dough you got, rolling to strip clubs and shagging females, random BS, and shock rap value. You know, MCs that uplift their community and lead them out of dire situations.

This video with Benzino and Jay Electronica is on point. Eminem, like many of these big time artists are merely pawns of a few wealthy individuals who are used to mold the masses into what they want us to be, how they want us to act. As Dead Prez said, “you can’t fool all the people all of the time / but if you fool the right ones, then the rest will fall behind.” Now I’m not saying the illuminati is ghost writing for him or specifically telling him what to do but rather it’s the whole way of “wealthy American life” and the mentality that goes along with it in which these artists fall into. Even if you don’t believe in the illuminati or secret societies, it’s blatant that these multinational corporations who own Hollywood, the major record labels and the media are satanists and their “pawns” mimic this lifestyle.

That commerical Eminem did for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is straight up insulting to the hip hop community. You might be thinking “what’s the big deal about being on a video game soundtrack, mad cats do that!” Yes, even Call Of Duty and lifelike warfare video games today are very much a part of America’s war machine that works well into converting peeps (especially the youth) into racist, warmongering robots so as to not having to establish another draft and thus easing the process of getting recruits to join the service and kill middle eastern people in the name of “black gold” and American freedom (check out my track Crimes Against Humanity if this doesn’t make sense). So while artists like Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, Public Enemy, East Coast Avengers, and Paris inspire the community to join together and break out of 500+ years of oppression we’ve got other artists such as Eminem on the other side of the spectrum with this mind numbing music.

Nowadays, it seems like much of the youth (and the public in general) at least here in America are so desensitized to the catastrophes that are ravaging the planet. They are so inundated with materialistic, superficial crap in music and TV where this “it’s all about me and F everyone else” capitalistic type mentality is the norm and a safe haven for artists that push these types of lifestyles. In terms of the material aspect of the music, there will be peeps that question me and say, “we all need the cash flow, don’t diss it” but what these people don’t realize is that “conscious” hip hop IS about getting out of poverty and everyday struggle, obtaining what you need to thrive, becoming self sustaining, not having to rely on the slave master (corporations and the bossman) in order to live well, and doing so in a positive way where you don’t one-up and con another person in the process.

Ultimately, it’s up to the discerning listener to determine for themselves whether something is dope or not is but the horrific reality of the world today and how people around the globe are being mislead and swindled of their livelihood (in many aspects) cannot be debated. These words from a DJ raised by reggae and rasta culture in the 80s, then hip hop in the 90s; one who is from a broken mi1itary family and one who continually witnesses the deterioration and degradation of communities in southern California mi1itary cities. You need not look further than San Diego’s underground hip hop scene for 1st hand accounts of this.

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