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Ascension Sessions!

Posted by deejay pr0pa.rations on Thu, December 20, 2012 – 7:04 am

It’s my pleasure to present to you 1213 Radio’s final broadcast for 2012. 3 hours packed with that metaphysical boom bap to provide a soundtrack for your ascension process and the solstice celebration! The podcast is broken up into 3 parts: Decolonize Your Mind 101, Ascension Workshop, & the Fam Livication. Download the mp3 or listen to it using the media player below. Links also provided in the tracklist to the free tracks direct from the artists. My gift to the global fam. Happy Solstice!

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[[ Intro ]]
Mars Ill – Pirate Radio
KRS-One – Disaster Kit

[[ Decolonize Your Mind 101 ]]
Roundtable MCs – Dread Baron
El-P – True Story
Wiley – Highs And Lows
Ras Ceylon – Decolonized Comradez (featuring Mandeep Sethi)
Rebel Diaz x Gat Turner x Viva Fidel – The Thanksgiving
M1 – Genocide Highway (featuring Nas)
Madd Joker – Informer Done (featuring Edi Fitzroy & Blak Ran)
Reks – Unlearn
Krazy Race – From The Heart (featuring Diamonique)
Bambu – Orosi
Pep Love – I Know This Pain (featuring LB Select & Chris Rene)
Intikana – Anoxias Inertia
Virtuoso – The Final Conflict

[[ Ascension Workshop – 61:00 ]]
Method Man – Judgement Day
Lost Children Of Babylon – 2012 (The Mayan Factor)
Orko Eloheim – Master Lessons (featuring ATMA & Trust 1)
Phoenix Orion & Team Eloheem – Secret Wars (feat Big Foot, DK Toon, Darkzeid, Danald D, Neb Love. PEACE)
Synonym vs Si-Klon – Ancient Portal
Phoenix Orion & Team Eloheem – Enter The Portal
Orko Eloheim – Intergalactic Federation (featuring Unkle Festa)
Seven Star – Chariots Of Fire (featuring Livee)
Orko Eloheim – My Space Ship (featuring Marilucidream)
CYNE – Starship Utopia
Nina Sky – Starting Today
Dirty Digital – Move On
Pep Love – Ascension
Masters Of The Universe – Earth Impact
Eligh & Amp Live – First Contact
Wiley – Welcome To Zion
Zion I – Anymore
D Prosper – Agartha
Atun Sen Geb – The Nine
Bigg Jus – Advanced Lightbody Activation
Micranots – Sun Salutations

[[ 1213 Radio Fam Livication – 166:52 ]]
Terem, Adam Payne & ParanormL (T.A.P.) – Transcendence
The Understudies – The Elders
Physical Graffiti – Original Spear (production by DJ Irs)
Azma & Paradox – My Life
D Natural – Get Down
Rhymageddon & Venomous2000 – Rock After Them

[[ Final Lesson – 193:00 ]]
Reks – Birth Of A Nation (production by DC The MIDI Alien)
The Lost Children Of Babylon – The Venus Project

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