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Crimes Against Humanity

Posted by deejay pr0pa.rations on Thu, May 6, 2010 – 4:49 am

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Crimes Against Humanity is a hip hop instrumental track that beckons the responsible citizens of planet Earth to acknowledge the undeniable reality of corporate funded wars that the United States and other 1st world countries have been participating in for decades upon decades. The 8 minute mini mix is laced with audio clips from Iraq and Vietnam veterans telling the story as it is; how the military relentlessly destroys civilian areas/hospitals, how it mass murders innocent people and children, basically committing genocide all while lying through their teeth in the name of oil and mass profit.

The track also touches on how the youth of today are desensitized and enticed by recruiters through flashy and mesmerizing commercials, video games, and popular music in an all out effort to get them to become just another lamb led to the slaughter.

To the naysayers: I ask is it so wrong to want to stop indiscriminate violence and murder? To live righteously and have compassion for fellow human beings? Despite what most public school text books and Hollywood have the masses believe, American history is laden with horrific massacres first here in North America then throughout the world and the powers that be have no intention of stopping their demonic ways!! You can agree or disagree with what I’m saying but the facts and absolute truths remain in a myriad of true history books. Need a starting point? Read Lies My Teacher Told Me and A People’s History of the United States. Regardless of religion, ethnicity, or culture, the time is now to stand up for what is right because there may be no tomorrow! It may very well be us tomorrow that will fall victim to this satanic plot that has been brewing for centuries. Pull your weight! Either you are part of the problem or part of the solution!

This track is dedicated to children worldwide who have passed on or have been effected by this never ending war. Bless your souls.

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